2010 New Year celebrations

All cities in the world enjoyed and welcomed the 2010 new year

At first new year arrived at south pacific in midnight local time (1100 gmt) fireworks were set off over Auckland's Sky Tower in New Zealand and all over the south pacific.

And second new year arrived at London and Paris and other capital cities across Europe.

And further west, Brazil has marked the New Year, and an estimated one million people are expected in New York's Times Square for the countdown to midnight.

And Las Vegas is also ready to welcome 2010 with an estimated 315,000 revellers and fireworks from casino rooftops and all over the last vegas. 

World leaders have spoken of their hope for 2010 compared to the difficulties many countries faced in 2009. 

North Korea has called for an end to hostile relations with the US in a New Year message, while French President Nicolas Sarkozy said: "The year that is ending has been difficult for everybody.

 "No continent, no country, no sector has been spared." 

In australia a massive fireworks display, In this work around 1.5 million people, took place in Sydney, Australia, with some 5,000kg of explosives sent up around the famous harbour bridge.

Fireworks were launched from the bridge, from boats in the harbour and from buildings around the waterfront.

Japanese capital, Tokyo, greeted the new year in traditional style, with bells rung in temples at midnight.

In the Philippines, new year celebrations was sad a hundreds of people were injured by firecrackers and celebratory gunfire.

In Russia a spite heavy snowfall and temperatures down to -10C (14F), more than 120,000 Russians were on Red Square in Moscow to see fireworks and hear President Dmitry Medvedev congratulate his country people.

At the Christian place Vatican, the Pope - apparently unaffected by the Christmas Eve assault where he was knocked to the ground - returned to St Peter's Basilica to lead a year-end service.

And the Eiffel Tower was illuminated by a pulsating, multi-colour display, described by city officials as "a giant Christmas tree with tinsel. 

London's spectacular firework display - which began on the final chimes of Big Ben - centred on the huge London Eye wheel on the banks of the River Thames.

 In Venice, revellers rang in 2010 with wet feet because of a high tide at midnight. 

 As the US prepared to celebrate, security is tight in New York's Times Square, with partygoers banned from taking rucksacks or large bags into the area. 

 "We assume here that New York is the No 1 terrorist target in America," the city's Police Commissioner Raymond W Kelly was quoted as saying by the New York Times. 

 The US embassy in Indonesia also warned of a potential attack on Bali but local authorities said they had no knowledge of any threats. 

 Revellers in some parts of the world will be treated to what is known as a "blue moon". This has nothing to do with the colour and is simply the second full moon in a month, which falls on New Year's Eve every 19 years.



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