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Effective way to reduce weight by cholestral drugs

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Too many of the current cholesterol drugs have serious side effects when used over the long term. Liver and kidney failure are the highest problems. C Control your diet and you won't have to resort to drugs. I took four different Drugs Zetia, Niacin, Antara, and Omacor. $400.00 a month to barely reduce my levels. Developed kidney problems and was taken off all drugs. Followed a strict diet and lost weight. Levels are now very good and I am now permitted some "treats". Avoid drugs like the plague. I know that there are so many chemical reactions going on in the body that EVERY drug will very likely do more to your body than simply that action it is designed to do. And it is HIGHLY likely that some of the non-designed actions are potentially harmful and can lead to organ failure, cancer, etc.

We normally take medicines ONLY because we have a medical problem and the alternative -letting the disease run its course- is more dangerous. This questionable benefit of taking these meds to alter the chemical balance of an otherwise healthy body seems extremely foolish to me when there's no proof they extend life at all.


Foot Ball World Cup boost your mental health

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"Scientists have shown that fans who feel personally invested in a team or, better yet, who attend games and cheer along with like-minded fans, reap the mental health benefits that come from a feeling of social connectedness."I saw that on TV after the Lakers victory Thursday. The mental health of the fans jumping on innocent people's cars was amazing to behold. The serotonin and dopamine that comes from taking part in a group beat-down is so invigorating. Nothing against sports fans - I have a team too - but really: some of these studies trying to prove there are better or worse ways to live, or that people with this or that value system or hobby are "healthier" or otherwise better....its really manipulative. Part of the problem with the US economy. A viable economy cannot be based around shopping, sports, and celeb entertainment.


The best online casino site

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sports betting site

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World best Online store for buy eye glass

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Instruction to save electricity

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Replace bulbs with tube lights. You will get 5 times the life span and 5 times more light for the same amount old power consumed.

Electronic chokes for tube lights and electronic regulator for fans help save another 10 % each on power.

Go for dimmer switches in your drawing room. You can adjust lighting as per need, and save power.

Look for the “ISI” mark when buying plugs, sockets, electrical fittings and application, you save power and repair cost.

Start the save electricity habit yourself. That way, other family members will soon follow suit.

Set aside one day in the month for thorough cleaning of all lights, fixtures, fans and applications, you get more lights and service.

Check your entire house wiring for leaks and crack. Good wiring not only ensures your family’s safety, but saves power too.


Attitude and faith

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Positive attitude is essential for success and faith is important before you can see success. It is your attitude that will define how fast and how high you will grow in the life. The good news is that you don’t need to be born with it, it but positive attitude can be developed, positive attitude will make your life worthwhile, full of happiness and peace. Attitude is determined by the association you keep. To a develop a positive attitude with positive people, read and listen to positive mental attitude books and tapes. This association of right minded people will lead you towards achieving your dreams and goals.

Faith can move mountains. faith is a very important part of leading a happy and successful life. you need to have faith in god, yourself.


Change to change

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Change is the essential of growth, without change the world would come to a standstill. Change is always for the better.
Accept change, don’t run from it. Ask yourself, are you willing to change? Are you willing to pay the price for success: if you keep on doing the same things you are doing today, you will have the same results? To change the future you need to change the present.
Ask yourself “are you willing to change the following to achieve your dreams and goals?
->Your attitude
->Your thought process
->Your association
->Your work ethics
->Your future
“Change itself is not progress, but it is the price that we pay for progress- that’s your future”


Useful time management theory

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The difference between a rich and poor man is the way they utilize their time. Effective time management is most essential for success.
You are capable of fulfilling all your dreams. One of the most important tools to achieve these goals is time management. Time management is not a special skill but a habit that needs to be developed in order to accomplish your dreams. Understand “Every minute counts”.
The most effective tool to achieve time management is your calendar. The calendar needs to have long terms and short term goals. Once the goals are established, the calendar should be filled at least one week in advance. Smart people don’t burden the mind; they write everything in the calendar.
The calendar is helpful since it help you:
Stay focused on your goals
Stay committed to your dreams
Save time and energy that can be used elsewhere
Stay enthusiastic because you are on the road to success
Plan the future (people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan)


Dazzling Sun latest picture and its details

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Actually its plasma, not lava. Plasma is a superheated gas, in this case mostly hydrogen but with some other elements also present. The sun is composed of plasma right the way though to the core, though it gets thicker and more pressurized the closer to the core you get.
It's not "burning" in the sense we are most familiar with (chemical combustion), but the energy that keeps it hot is generated by nuclear reactions in the core that can occur due to the high temperature and density.