Instruction to save electricity

Saturday, May 1, 2010 5:16 AM Posted by COME LETS PLAY

Replace bulbs with tube lights. You will get 5 times the life span and 5 times more light for the same amount old power consumed.

Electronic chokes for tube lights and electronic regulator for fans help save another 10 % each on power.

Go for dimmer switches in your drawing room. You can adjust lighting as per need, and save power.

Look for the “ISI” mark when buying plugs, sockets, electrical fittings and application, you save power and repair cost.

Start the save electricity habit yourself. That way, other family members will soon follow suit.

Set aside one day in the month for thorough cleaning of all lights, fixtures, fans and applications, you get more lights and service.

Check your entire house wiring for leaks and crack. Good wiring not only ensures your family’s safety, but saves power too.


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