Foot Ball World Cup boost your mental health

Friday, July 2, 2010 11:25 PM Posted by COME LETS PLAY
"Scientists have shown that fans who feel personally invested in a team or, better yet, who attend games and cheer along with like-minded fans, reap the mental health benefits that come from a feeling of social connectedness."I saw that on TV after the Lakers victory Thursday. The mental health of the fans jumping on innocent people's cars was amazing to behold. The serotonin and dopamine that comes from taking part in a group beat-down is so invigorating. Nothing against sports fans - I have a team too - but really: some of these studies trying to prove there are better or worse ways to live, or that people with this or that value system or hobby are "healthier" or otherwise better....its really manipulative. Part of the problem with the US economy. A viable economy cannot be based around shopping, sports, and celeb entertainment.


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