Roger Federer's and Andy Murray in the Australian Open

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 5:27 PM Posted by COME LETS PLAY
I think people still underestimate the huge gap between the two: federer’s actually did more unforced errors than murray, so it really isn't about just playing perfect. He hit twice as many winners. Because he is the winner and has been so often now. He is a different class altogether. Yes nadal had a great year (but no one remembers often enough that Federer in 2008 was debilitated for several months). I'll go as far as saying that nadal's knee problems have arisen because the only way you can try beating federer is to subject the human body to something simply non-human. And now we see the results: he knotted himself into muscles and then started wearing down like an old shoe.
Look at the images of Fed and Murray today: one, at 28, barely looked like he had a training session; Murray, 22, looked like he had been run over by a herd of bison’s.
The gap in talent is too big to be filled with a lot of training. You gotten wait for the great man to lower his focus and, eventually retire. Until then everybody else will just be looking for the bread crumbs left on the table after the lion has "fed".


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