World's first Buffalo clone in india

Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:09 AM Posted by COME LETS PLAY
Scientists have a cloned the world’s first buffalo using a simple but advanced version of a technique employed in producing ‘ Dolly’ the sheep that became the first mammal to be cloned.
The buffalo calf was born on February 6 at the national diary research institute at karnal.
The ‘hand guided cloning technique’ perfected by the NDRI scientists would allow production of calf of the desired sex.
The cloning technique is expected to address this gap. Dolly, which was cloned from an adult in 1996 and revealed to the world seven months later, was put down in 2003 following a lung diseases.
The ‘hand guided cloning technique’ was an advanced modification of the ‘conventional cloning technique’ used in cloning Dolly.


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