Indian hockey

Saturday, March 6, 2010 3:22 AM Posted by COME LETS PLAY
hello guys !

I just thought that we should also try to revive Indian hockey . We were the best , why this slump and why don't we like our national game ? Everything has become so commercial today . It' s a pity that hockey turfs in many places are deteriorating and no replacement is done . why this difference ? even though cricket is not our national game why do we support this so much that the national game takes a back seat . and believe me the best players in hockey can be only indians , only thign is we lack support . hope fully we can you know somehow spread this message all around . we need to atleast get through to the olympics next time and win atleast a bronze , we need to support them guys .

people are requested to reply .

every reply will atleast give some hope that we've not forgotten this game. (hopefully)

thank you.


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